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Treating Anxiety with Nootropics

Treating Anxiety with Nootropics

Anxiety is one of the most common problems people face today. It generally stems from an individual’s fears and worries. You have probably encountered it yourself, one way or another. For some people, it arises during critical moments. Whatever the reason may be, you are certainly not helping yourself by letting anxiety get the better of you.

Luckily, anxiety is itself just a mental process. More than the stimuli provided by your everyday life, anxiety is a product of your brain’s chemical processes. If this is so, then it also means that it can be properly addressed. It is just a matter of finding the right nootropic supplements.

This article delves into the chemical processes behind anxiety. Additionally, it also presents users with a possible solution to their problems.

Understanding Anxiety

As you may already know, anxiety can have multiple causes. The reason behind this feeling of overwhelming stress and fear may vary between individuals. However, when looked at from a neurological perspective, it all comes down to the brain’s GABA deficiency.

For those who are unfamiliar with GABA, it stands for gamma-aminobutryic acid. This is a neurotransmitter that is a byproduct of another important neurochemical called Glutamate. To put it in simpler terms, GABA is in charge of stopping the feelings of anxiety. This is because it is the main anti-anxiety neurotransmitter. Its job is to inhibit the effects of anxiety on your central nervous system.

When people experience a GABA deficiency, the nerve cells have the tendency to become agitated. Without GABA, they are able to transmit signals much faster than they are intended to. Conversely, when your GABA levels are higher, there is less chance that you will experience this chemical anxiety. With a high GABA level, you will notice that you will feel more laid back and at ease.

Low GABA levels can also pose some dangers for you. In mild cases of GABA deficiency, you may be overwhelmed by a feeling of nervousness, mental exhaustion, and even compulsive behavior. However, in more extreme cases, this condition can lead to panic attacks and seizures.

It is unsurprising then that a number of sedatives are designed to stimulate the production of GABA. The same principle also applies to nootropic supplements. If you want to build your own stack, make sure that you put in a nootropic that induces GABA production. This way, you are ensured that you will be able to get the calming effect you are looking for.

Anti-Anxiety Nootropic

Nootropic enthusiasts will agree that Phenibut is one of the most effective nootropic supplements for anxiety relief. However, it is also very strong. That is why it is not recommended that you take it on a daily basis.

This particular supplement is derived from GABA itself. However, some might argue that it is actually better than the original. This is because it has the ability to quickly deliver its intended effect. It does so by traversing the blood-brain barrier which hinders other nootropics.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and anxious, then try this nootropic supplement.

Nootropic Guide: Improving Your Concentration

Nootropic Guide: Improving Your Concentration

Whatever you do, focus and determination comes a long way. If you ask any successful person, they will tell you that a high level of concentration is vital. If you want to achieve your goals, you simply need to keep your eyes on the prize. You cannot be distracted.

Before anything else, readers need to understand that concentration is just another mental process. Like other similar processes, it can be augmented and enhanced with the help of the right nootropic supplement.  It is unsurprising then that improved concentration is one of the most sought after effects of nootropic use.

This article presents the specific way nootropic supplements can help you in this regard.


How does Concentration Work?

In a nutshell, concentration is defined as your brain’s ability to focus your attention on a particular task or stimulus, while completely disregarding other stimuli. In neuroscience, this is called selective concentration.

This ability is part of your mind’s executive capability that is primarily controlled by a specific region of your brain, the pre-frontal cortex. If you didn’t already know, this particular region of your brain is in charge of planning and shifting your focus, keeping your impulses in check as well as dismissing other potentially distracting stimuli picked up by your senses.

As stated earlier, concentration should not be seen as an abstract concept. Rather, in order to fully understand it, we should examine it as a state of mind that is directly influenced by your brain’s chemistry. In particular, it is dictated by the interactions between neurotransmitters vital to the process. Therefore, equipped with this basic knowledge, we have the ability to systematically influence our concentration levels.


Nootropics for Concentration

There are a number of Nootropics that can help users boost their focus and concentration levels. This is done by increasing the brain’s executive abilities. While each of the different supplements you can use functions in their own unique way, all of them essentially deliver the same desired results, that is keeping your brain energized and prevent you from being distracted.

These concentration boosters fall into two general nootropic categories. Namely, these are the cognitive enhancers and the stimulants. On the one hand, your cognitive enhancers boost your overall cognitive abilities. Piracetam, for instance, affects several of your brain’s systems including your pre-frontal cortex. At the same time, they also help to reduce the effects of mental strain thus making simpler tasks easier. This is done so that you can perform mental tasks faster and longer.

Stimulants, on the other hand, are more straightforward in their approach. These nootropics give users the quick rush of energy, boosting their mood and improving their concentration levels. Undoubtedly, you have taken these nootropics yourself. However, it should be noted that their effectiveness is only short-term. Your body may build up a tolerance, hence limiting their effectiveness.


This article presented a concrete example of how nootropics, when properly used, can have a significant impact on our lives. So, if you want to have better focus and concentration, be sure to give these supplements a try.

Increasing Your Productivity

Increasing Your Productivity

Office workers know the struggles of going to the office. Most of the time you feel a general lack of purpose and motivation, and you are not entirely sure why. This is nothing new, as most people experience this feeling at some point in their lives.

Luckily, with the introduction of nootropic supplements, you can fight this feeling more effectively. This is because these smart drugs have the ability to alter your brain’s chemistry. By taking them regularly, you can feel recharged with focus levels like never before.

Nootropics for Students

Nootropics for Students

College students are probably the most in need of a solid nootropic supplement. With all the studying and requirements they have to do, surely they deserve a bit of help. Luckily, there is a nootropic stack that is perfect for their needs.

Combining L-Theanine and Caffeine nootropics will do wonders for your focus and learning ability. This stack has all the positive effects of coffee consumption but without all the health risks. This is because these substances complement each other perfectly.

How to Survive a War Zone

We have spent many months living in and publishing content within a war zone and the following accounts of our stories should hopefully let you in on our little secret. We have found some of the best times of our lives during these periods, but also some of the scariest. Most people who experience what we have experienced are either traumatized or don’t really have the right perspective coming back into their world.

The vast majority of people who are trying to survive during the war zone don’t even realize that it is possible to reduce their anxiety, tension and live a happy and healthy life. In this article, we are going to share some of our secrets about how to survive a war zone.

Surviving War (with Ease)

Most people think of a war zone as something that is horrific and impossible to live through. While anyone who lives through a war zone is undoubtedly changed by the situation, it is nonetheless possible to survive and even do so with ease.

#1. Mindfulness – the best kind of practice you can keep for surviving a war zone is to make sure you have a mindfulness approach. Any kind of mindfulness practice is going to help you to remove the stress from your life and support you in many ways going forward. The vast majority of people who are trying to incorporate a state of mindfulness into their daily life find that it is possible using the help of various other technologies (such as Headspace and others).

#2. Smart Supplementation – notice we did not say supplementation in general. There are many snake oil supplements out there and it isn’t a good idea to take these if you aren’t being careful. A smart supplementation option is to utilize something like Qualia or even microdosing LSD.

Most people who are utilizing these kinds of drugs find that there are a lot of helpful tools with them. Even though the top nootropics are the ones that can really help you, it is important to see everything for what it is. Even if you’re using something like oxiracetam for improved cognition, it’s a nootropic substance that has a lot of power.

#3. Community – no matter what aspect of life you are in, if you do not have a community, you are lost. There is very little chance that you are going to be able to have a successful war time experience if you are not spending some time with a community. Most people spend time with the people that they know, but even this is not necessary. You can branch out and feel at home in many places, but it is important to have a sense of community.

Many people just have their community within the family. This is a perfect community unit, which can have a robust number of benefits for you in the long run. Sebastian Junger has even produced a book that is all about community and how to improve aspects of cognition with these values.

Memory Enhancing Supplements

Memory Enhancing Supplements

As we age, memory loss becomes a real problem. We have a harder time absorbing new information and recalling things we already know. This is fairly common since cognitive decline is a warning sign for advanced aging.

However, what we previously knew as inevitable, is no longer so. Nootropic supplements are here to lessen the negative impacts of aging. They can do wonders in terms of strengthening your neural connections and sharpening your memory recall. So, make sure that you take your nootropics regularly to combat the signs of aging.

Nootropics for Athletes

Nootropics for Athletes

Sports injuries are altogether common occurrences, especially for sports enthusiasts and athletes. There is literally nothing worse than waiting for your injuries to heal. All that time spent idle could drive anyone mad.

Luckily, there is a nootropic stack specifically designed for athletes looking to get back on the horse quicker. It is called the recovery stack. It usually contains a combination of L-Theanine, Centrophenoxine, Phenibut on top of some Vitamin B6 and B12. This should help you improve your gains with minimal effort and less stress.

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Increasing Your Productivity

Office workers know the struggles of going to the office. Most of the time you feel a general lack of purpose and motivation, and you are not entirely sure why. This is nothing new, as most people experience this feeling at some point in their lives. Luckily, with the...

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